Property Secured Credit: the option that is leaving bank credit behind

Did you know that your own home can be much more than the resting place or the space to receive friends and family? Especially if you are in need of money to solve an urgent problem, stay tuned to this tip. Your property can be used as collateral when getting a loan. And the best: interest rates can be much lower and payment terms longer than in a conventional situation of asking for credit. It even has a calculation showing the difference and believe me: the installments can be up to 85% smaller than in a conventional credit (see graph below).

How to get that credit? very similar to what we do with a personal loan or payroll loan, for example. The good news? that fintechs that already do this allow for a 100% online process.

The biggest difference to the loan you already know is that the Credit with Guarantee of Property requires another step for the money to be released: the house or apartment that remains as collateral needs to be inspected by a team. The purpose of this inspection? check the condition of the property and answer if it can be used or not as a guarantee.

The positive side is that the Property Guarantee Credit gives you the freedom to use the money in any way you want! The use of money is free , but look at some examples:


Exchanging expensive debt for a cheaper one

expensive debt

Who has never been surrounded by debt and without knowing or where to start? Using the loan money to pay your debts can be a good thing. The option is interesting both for those who have expensive debts, such as overdraft, and for those who have more than one debt (you will be able to organize yourself better if you put everything together in a single installment). But remember: there’s no use if you don’t plan your budget for the next few months. If not, the snowball starts again.


Opening your own business or franchise

Opening your own business or franchise

Have you thought about starting to take that plan to have your own business off the ground? If you invest the loan amount in your business, you will be able to pay off little by little, have a longer term and still realize your dream!


Have working capital


Is money also a good way to avoid getting into trouble with your business? It’s always good to have a plan B. But don’t forget: you need to plan because if the idea doesn’t work out, you still have the loan debt to pay, huh?


Make dreams come true

credit loan

There is nothing better than living a dream that we have always imagined. But it is worth mentioning, our choices have consequences and depend on our effort and planning to make them real!

Still not convinced that the Credit with Guarantee of Property can be a good exit that the options more used today? So look at the comparison of interest rates charged in various modalities, according to data from the Cream Bank.

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